To international customers in Nagoya

Hello there! Welcome to my blog! 

I’m Ai, the owner of the nail salon “Bawrina”

inside of salon

If you are looking for an international nail saon in Nagoya, which you don’t need to worry about speaking Japanese,

I’m here for you!

As I used to work in Singapore as manicurist for 2 years and half untill last year,

I can provide you nail services in English.

Price list

Here is my price list.

You can check my design at Instagram(@enonail722)

Speaking of location,

It’s located close to Hoshigaoka station, Higashiyama line.

it takes about 3 minutes to my salon from the station.

My salon is private salon, so i will tell you my address after your appointment is confirmed.

If you have any interests, please feel free to massage me!

I always check my Instagram, so you can DM me anytime and i will reply you soon! (my Instagram@enonail722)

Or if you dont have instagram account, here is my e-mail address.

i would appreciate if you leave a comment here, so that i won’t miss your e-mail, thank you!

I’m looking forward seeing you soon! Thank you:) 

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